Car Wash Solutions

Everything you will need to get your car clean.

Express Automatics

We are proud to have quality equipment with solid performance that is reliable and fast. It is important to administer high quality cleaning while at the same time using chemicals that are effective but gentle on a vehicle’s paint and sensitive finish. This is what we are accomplishing at the Dawg Wash locations. We have also programmed our automatics to have the optimal chemical dwell time needed to clean a car, which allows the chemicals time to “eat off” dirt and grime. 

Self-Serve Stations

Sometimes automatic car washes don’t get all the dirt off of your vehicle and then the wax finish cycle traps the dirt onto your car or truck. The only way to get the clean you are looking for is to do it yourself with the right tools. Using our self-serve is the good-old-fashioned way to clean your car. At Dawg Wash, we have quality self-serve equipment available, including tri-color foam conditioner, foam brushes and high pressure sprays.

Vacuum Stations

No car wash process is complete without dealing with the interior of your car or truck. We have industrial grade vacuum stations at all three locations for optimal cleaning.  Dawg Wash South vacuums are currently free of charge! Each vacuum station also has popular scent offerings to complete your interior cleaning.

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